10 Minute Podcast

Your final assignment is to put together a ten minute podcast. This will serve as a sample of the type of radio show you want to have.

You’ll choose songs that loosely fit the college radio format, you will announce each song or set of songs. You’ll also include some kind of station ID at the beginning and end of your show. It’s simply something to tell us we’re listening to Bellarmine Radio. It can be as simple as “You’re listening to Bellarmine Radio” or it can be as creative as you want to be. The most successful station IDs will be used on air (with your OK, of course).

The purpose of the assignment is to continue getting you comfortable with your voice, to learn how to lead in and out of a song, learn how to “front sell” and “back sell” information (connecting your conversation to the content that comes after or before you speak). You’ll also be learning a bit about song sequencing. This project invites you to think about how best to sequence a song (what sounds good back-to back?).

Contact kbarnett@bellarmine.edu if you have any questions.

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