Mista Big Pantz

Emily Schmitt January 11, 2017 0
Mista Big Pantz

Meet Mista Big Pantz, patron saint of DJs

Mista Big PantzKyle Barnett and his daughter picked Mista Big Pantz up from a record store in Lexington, Kentucky. His daughter wanted to have him in her room, but Mista Big Pantz had bigger aspirations. He used his beady eyes to freak out Kyle’s daughter, which resulted in his relocation to the BU Radio booth.

Since moving to Louisville, he has acquired an unexplainable love for My Morning Jacket and Bellarmine basketball. Although he is enjoying watching over DJs in the radio booth, he mentioned that he missed seeing his hula dancer girl. “2016 took her away from me. We were moved to separate placez.”

He shared some experiences from his first week at BU Radio:

“Most of the DJz are nice. I got in a fight with Michael Baker. I asked if he would do a ‘One Hit Wonderful’ episode on me. You know what he said? ‘You have to have a hit first.’ Not sure what he thought ‘No Beltz’ wuz, but I’m sure he’ll come around.”

Mista Big Pantz also said he couldn’t believe his beady eyes when his biggest DJ influence walked in the booth.

“Dr. Phil Good walked in, and my head nearly fell off!”

Mista Big Pantz said he has been listening to Dr. Phil Good (born Philip Truman) since he released his Litmas Celebration in December 2016. “The Litmas celebration is the reason I’m here 2day.”

At night, Mista Big Pantz enjoys watching “Are We There Yet?” featuring Ice Cube. “Ice Cube is a living legend. ‘Are We There Yet?’ is a work of art. I could watch that every night, and I probably will.”

When asked about how he acquired his saint status, he responded, “Sometimez ya just gotta take thingz into yo own handz.”

We are happy to welcome Mista Big Pantz to our booth! Just remember: his beady eyes are watching all of you walk past the booth, so whenever you look in, he’s looking right back at you.


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