Air Check

Assignment One: Aircheck #1
This assignment asks you to run through a short radio routine, in and out of sponsor messages, reading press releases, public service announcements, and so on. The purpose of the assignment is to get you used to your “on air” voice, learn how to lead in and out of a song, learn how to “front sell” and “back sell” information (connecting your conversation to the content that comes after or before you speak).

This first air check will focus on the voice alone. Leave small gaps of space between parts of the assignment. In other words, stop talking so that there will be some space between the disparate tasks you are asked to perform. Follow the script as laid out below. You don’t have to use every bit of information I give you (e.g. you can mention the song title and band but you don’t have to mention album release or year – that’s up to you). If you have any questions about it, please contact me.

Instructions in the Convergence Lab (BAC 204):
Reserve times will be posted on the door of the lab. Here are the basic instructions:
1) Turn on computer and mixer (the mixer’s power button is on the back) and computer speakers.
2) Open the Audacity program (there is an icon on the computer desktop).
3) Put the microphone in position – a few inches from your mouth.
4) To begin a new audio track in Audacity, press record. To stop, hit the stop button or the space bar (you can try a few different takes on different tracks, if you like).
5) When you are done, you need to save the file. However, since many other programs can’t read Audacity, you’ll want to choose “Export” from the menu bar. Please save the audio file as a WAV file and save it to the desktop. You can either leave the file on the desktop in the folder marked “airchecks,” or you can upload a copy of your aircheck to me on the course Blackboard site.

Each number is a task assigned for this air check. Read through the information and announce it “on the air.” Where the text is listed in bold, read the material exactly as it reads. In other items, I have supplied the information and it’s up to you to “package” it for your listeners (as in #1).
1) Song announcement:
a) group: Love
b) song: Alone Again Or
c) album: Forever Changes
2) Press release: Intercollegiate Broadcasting System The Intercollegiate Broadcasting System hosts conferences for college broadcasters in the IBS Coast-to-Coast Fall Road Show 2011. Three conferences are being held. The first is in Boston, Massachusetts on Saturday November 4 th , followed by the Los Angeles conference on Saturday, November 11 th , and the Chicago conference on Saturday, November 18 th . These one-day conferences are open both to industry professionals and students. The sessions are informal and allow plenty of time for questions, answers and discussion. Registration is $25 per person. For more information on the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System, visit their website at or phone them 845-565-0003. Again, contact them via the web at or by phone at 845-565-0003.
3) Introducing a Public Service Announcement (PSA): The following is a message from the Ad Council, the National Association of Broadcasters and the U.S. Department of Transportation: Get the Keys: Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.
4) Song announcement:
a) group: Gnarls Barkley
b) song: Crazy
c) album: St. Elsewhere
5) Station ID: You’re listening to Bellarmine Radio from the campus of Bellarmine University, Louisville, Kentucky.

NOTE: It’s best to save this project and future projects to your W drive, so you don’t have to worry about someone accidentally deleting your work. Have a copy of your assignment to play in class: You can turn in your assignment one of two ways, but it must be finished at the start of class on the due date: Export your file out of Audacity and then save that file to a hard drive disc. We’ll listen during class time.

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