Bellarmine Stories

“Bellarmine Stories”/Sound Editing assignment
This assignment asks you to create station IDs that highlight Bellarmine as a university. The
final “Bellarmine Stories” id should have some sort of backing “sound bed” (either instrumental
music or some ambient outdoor sound that nicely fits your interviewee’s topic). The finished
product should be somewhere between 45 seconds and a minute. You’ll need to edit your
interviewee’s comments down to that amount of time, so their story can be told in the allotted
time. Check the class handouts I circulated about editing sound in Audacity for that part of the

Your task is to interview someone from the Belllarmine community about their experiences.
We’re looking for funny, unusual, shocking, listener-grabbing stories. These station IDs are
designed to engender a sense of belonging and connection to BU radio, Bellarmine, and
Louisville. Use your imagination while “keeping Louisville weird.”

You are encouraged to interview faculty members, staff members, alumni, and fellow students
about their Bellarmine stories. It will be easiest to record people in the department’s sound lab,
but if you have the capabilities to record remotely, you are encouraged to experiment (but if you
do, you’ll have to consider wind and other conditions that can adversely affect you capturing

We want to reveal what is strange, exciting, humorous, and unexpected in the everyday lives of
Bellarmine students and Louisville residents. Some starting points for topics are listed below:

Unusual occurrences at Bellarmine
What makes Bellarmine different?
Circumstances surrounding how you met husband/wife
Unusual jobs at Bellarmine
Unique personalities at Bellarmine
Your first arrival on campus
What the Upper Highlands were like when Bellarmine was founded
Dates gone wrong
Favorite restaurants/cafes/bars and why
Stories involving campus traditions
Telling friends back home about Bellarmine
What we love about Bellarmine (signs, buildings, sculptures, space, etc.)
Campus history
International experiences (int’l students here, U.S. students abroad)
Animal wildlife at Bellarmine
Favorite sounds on campus/in Louisville
Strange encounters
Storms! Snow! Floods! Tornadoes!
Your parents and Bellarmine
Dorm room living on campus
Good advice/bad advice on education
Favorite Louisville hang-out spots
Rewarding activities (sports, arts, music)
“Culture shock” on campus of various sorts
Or your idea…

NOTE: This project must be completed if you expect to incorporate taped sound
recordings or interviews into your show. Contact School of Communicate Sue Mauldin to check out a recording device

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