On-air Guidelines

1. No food or drinks in the radio booth:
The equipment in the booth is expensive
.  You break it you replace it.

2. Never Announce the # of Listeners:
One listener is just as important as 1,000. Because are accessible through a number of sources listener counts aren’t always accurate. 

3. Sound like you’re enjoying yourself:
Show enthusiasm, your goal as a DJ is to be awesome. People should want to hang out with you because of your awesomeness. 

4. Always think like your listeners just turned on the radio:

You can’t control when your audience tunes in or signs out, so don’t make 
your audience feel like they’ve missed out. It’s ok to repeat yourself. 

5. Time-check to the nearest ten minutes:

If you state the time, say “nearly” and “just after” ten, quarter, twenty, half-past, etc.

6. Say enough but don’t say too much: 

If you are going to talk, answer the questions your audience wants to hear, 
personalize it if you can, then move on to the next track. 

7. Tell them who we are:

Let the audience know what they are listening to. 
Say the name of your show and give  a shout out to “Bellarmine Radio” every now and then. 

8. Improvise:

Don’t announce your mistakes. Your audience won’t know if you mess 
up unless you tell them. 

9. Avoid the following phrases:

“the sound of,” “top of the hour,” “another great,” and fillers such as “er,” and “um.”  Also avoid words that can double as bodily functions such, and anything that could be considered offensive.

10. Strive to be an expert:

Give your audience something new.  Research the music that you are going to play, www.allmusic.com is a great resource.  Talk to people, study your subject and share what you know.  

11. Don’t kill the station:

If you switch the mode on the Radio Automation Software to “Manual,” put it back on
 “Auto DJ” before you leave. 

12. The list of 

  •      Never down play a song if you are going to play it.
  •      Never play two songs by the same artist unless you have a reason.
  •      Never talk over vocals to a song.
  •      Never insult your audience.
  •      Never say “I’m leaving the booth.” *

    *Instead, talk up the next jock, or announce the next time that they can tune in to your show.

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