Louisville Sounds

Louisville Sounds Assignment
This assignment asks you to leave the studio to capture some recording “out in the field” – or at least, away from the sound lab. For this assignment, you will need to check out one of the department’s Edirol R-09 portable recording device (check with a faculty member)

1) record two-to-four minutes of audio footage from a section of the Louisville area you find interesting;
2) edit your found sound into a manageable station ID (roughly one minute) for Bellarmine Radio.

Your final Louisville ID should include:
1) The speaker’s introduction of the sound or sounds in question;
2) The sounds you’ve captures (without voiceover);
3) An outro ID (“This is ______ and you’re listening to Bellarmine University Radio, Louisville, Kentucky.”)

You will be capturing a soundscape of your choosing. The best recordings make the listener pay attention to something that usually goes unnoticed.

Possibilities include:

Sounds around town
A walk through a forest
Churchill Downs
A little-used hallway
A busy city intersection
The Ohio River
Your favorite restaurant

For help with using the Edirol, there is an online tutorial available from Roland, the manufacturers of the Edirol. Download “The Practical Guide to the Edirol R-09.” The guide to field recording is available on p. 14: http://www.roland.com/products/en/_support/om.cfm?ln=en&dsp=0&iCncd=1072

NOTE: This project must be completed if you expect to incorporate taped sound recordings or interviews into your show. Contact School of Communicate Sue Mauldin smauldin@bellarmine.edu to check out a recording device

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