Meet the Team

Fall 2023 – Spring 2024 Directors

Station Manager – Deb Heil (she/her)

Deb has been Bellarmine Radio’s Station Manager since Summer 2022. She’s a Junior Communications Major with a Minor in Film. Deb currently DJs the shows ‘Doc Rock’s’ and Top to Bottom’, and Co-DJ’s the show ‘The Experience’.

Program Director – Lorelei O’Brien (she/her)

Lorelei has been Bellarmine Radio’s Program Director since Fall 2023. She’s a Junior Elementary Education (w/ Learning and Behavioral Disorders) Major. Lorelei currently Co-DJ’s the show ‘EXO-BU’.

Co-Music Director & Treasurer – Ashley Campbell (she/her)

Ashley has been Bellarmine Radio’s Music Director since Spring 2023, and Treasurer since Fall 2023. She majors in Music and Chemistry, with an emphasis in Biochemistry, and is Junior. Ashley currently Co-DJ’s the show ‘The Experience’.

Co-Music Director – Sam Saraco (he/him)

Sam has been Bellarmine Radio’s Co-Music Director since Fall 2023. He’s a Sophomore Psychology (w/ Clinical Counseling) Major. He minors in History and Creative Writing. Sam DJs the show ‘Sam Shenanz’.

Media Director – Olivia Anderson (she/her)

Olivia has been Bellarmine Radio’s Media Director since Fall 2022. She’s a Communications and D.A.T. Major. Olivia DJs the show ‘Flashback Friday’, and Co-DJ’s the shows ‘EXO-BU’ and ‘The Experience’.

Production Director – Madison Adkins (she/her)

Madison has served as Bellarmine Radio’s Production Director since Fall 2023. She’s a Junior Music Tech Major.

Public Affairs/PR & Sports Director – Chayse Jennings (she/her)

Chayse has been Bellarine Radio’s PR Director and Sports Director since Fall 2023. She’s a Sophomore Vocal Performance major. Chayse DJs the show ‘Chaotic Taste’.