About Us

Bellarmine University once operated a traditional over-the-air radio station, but the frequency was transfered to another organization over the years. The online radio station that the University now runs was created in the fall of 2005 with the help of the School of Communication’s dedicated staff, Bellarmine’s Student Government Association, and a few motivated students. In its early stages the online station broadcast a Classic Rock format but has since developed into a viable College Rock “grab bag” station with an eclectic mix of music from the 1990’s and today, all the while supporting local artists from the Louisville music scene.

Bellarmine Radio plays a large role in the campus community by providing daily announcements about events on campus, extended coverage of Bellarmine Athletics, and a variety of specialty shows. Bellarmine Radio also sponsors concerts throughout the year. Bellarmine Radio is a Registered Student Organization, which means any student or faculty member can get involved. The Communication Department offers a one credit hour broadcasting lab that participants may take to learn more about radio production, audio editing, and song selection. Interested in becoming a Bellarmine Radio member? Sign up to become a DJ using the link below.