What Are We Listening To?

Meet some of our wonderful station members/DJ’s and see what tunes or artists they have playing non-stop!

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Ella Lucas is a member of our lovely station as she does her best to help out where she can. She has expressed a love for artists such as Mt Joy, The Lumineers, and Yoke Lore. She also enjoys The Head and the Heart, as well as Lil Peep!

Calista Miller is a current DJ for BU Radio, helping to produce the show “Throwback Thursday”. Calista’s current favorite songs come from the hit Journey album “Frontiers”. While she loves the album as a whole, her favorite song is “Troubled Child”.

Nichole Sheridan is another member of BU Radio, still pondering what to produce! Until then, Nichole has shared a love for artists like Melanie Martinez, Mother Mother, MARINA, and Lady Gaga.

Bella Hemsath, our station’s Treasurer and Public Affairs Co-Director, says that she’s been listening to a lot of K-Pop recently. Her favorite artists are Xdinary Heroes, BTS, Stray Kids, and The Rose. They are hyped for Xdinary Heroes’ comeback, but “The Astronaut” by BTS’ Jin had them in tears!

Sam Saraco, yet another member of our station, has a few songs that he really enjoys such as “BALD!” by Jpegmafia. He also enjoys Smino’s songs “Pudgy” and “Modennaminute” as well as Jordan Ward’s “Standards”, “IDC”, and “Lil Baby Crush”.

Aliah Ibrahim is one of BU Radio’s beloved members. They have expressed that one of their favorite songs is “Near” by Bilmuri.

Leia Staples is a part of the BU Radio family, expressing a love for artists like Conan Gray and Taylor Swift!

Kyle Barnett resides as our wonderful Faculty Advisor and local BU Radio DJ. He shares a large love for a wide-range of tunes including “Texas Sun” and “Mariella” by Khruangbin with Leon Bridges, and “I Can’t Let Go” by Evie Sands. Yo La Tengo’s “Fall Out” is another hit on his list along with Harry Styles’ “Grapejuice”.

Olivia Anderson is BU Radio’s current Media Director and DJ, working to help produce the “Throwback Thursday” show every Thursday afternoon. From K-Pop to Grunge, Olivia loves it all! Currently, she finds herself listening to songs such as “Covet” by Basement and “Princeton Review” by Team Sleep. However, she claims “Cyberpunk” by ATEEZ never misses!

Don’t forget to tune into BU Radio to hear these awesome hits and so much more!